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Wild Game Nation Reality TV Super Tease

Big time hunting reality television show, Wild Game Nation chose the colorful voice of Marty Morgan as show’s announcer beginning with its 5th season. In the video clip above Marty Morgan introduces the new season and primes viewers for what to expect from an action packed series that features big time music celebrities, sports heroes, TV stars and plenty of BIG TIME Trophy Game. The show is hosted by the Busbice family from Olla, Louisiana and is sponsored by the best in outdoor brands.

Delivering a gritty and rugged southern style pitch for this top rated hunting program came natural for Marty. But don’t let the country boy, backwoods enthusiasm fool ya. Marty’s voice over talent comes in variety of colors and he is as likely to be doing the sophisticated voice of British Monarch, a Colombian Drug Lord, a Swedish Clock Maker or Game Show Announcer on any given day. When it comes to coloring up voice overs from sweet sell to hard sell, from cool and collected to a chicken with its head cut off, you’ll find The Crayon Mouth Marty Morgan makes voice overs that are hard to beat! Just ask the producers of WILD GAME NATION. They’re some happy hunters!

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